Late. Shri. Kantilal J. Shah
Jivan Jyot Trust, Amroli.
Birth: 17th October, 1928.

A self made man, in built with immense grit and determination has walked his life through the different chapters of Amroli and surrounding villages of India. After reading the gujarati novel of Late. Mr. Ramanlal Vasantlal Desai; describing the imagination of India, he had decided to uplift village Amroli. In the long period of about 60 years he ventured and toiled so hard that the village of his imagination became the reality.

He modeled his life on the ethos of our great culture, traditions and philosophies like:

  • Quality
  • Action
  • Generosity
  • Particularity
  • Ascertaining the Truth
  • Inherence

He always believed that for ages, the greatest men and women of Surat have proved worthy of its cultural values and created history by their unmatched acts and gestures of love and respect for all living beings regards for their teachers, elders and superiors, sacrifice of precious possessions, beloved ones and even life for the benefit of humanity, service, compassion and 'Sewa' towards weakest, poorest and the needy has become exemplary lesions for the people of state; bringing about great reforms and transformation in people of Surat and other parts of the state.

We are bound to develop the overall personalities of the studentsand add to their dynamism with the help of co-corricular and extra curricular activities.

A man of action he had translated his vision in reality.

His visionary's zeal and implicit faith in his beliefs led to the formation of one of the best education institutes (schools, colleges) in this region. He had not left any stone unturned to make our institute a prestigious holy place of education. Today those institutions are synonymous with quality education and are pioneer in mooting all-round development in its wards.

Some of his ongoing projects include hostel for blind students of VNSGU, Surat. His recent & remarkable achievement to provide lower charge is General & maternity Hospital in Amroli.