When Our college was started there were only one division so the infrastructure of the college was quite small according to the needs of the total no. of students. Years by years the college grows and expanded as per the need of the education all the needed facilities are being provided from the management.

Currently Our BCA building is fully equipped with all the facilities that a college of BCA needs. We are having class rooms with CCTV cameras; a multimedia room with having Projector, microphone, total 150 students capacity at a time, three computer Labs, Library, Sports Room, Girls room, Reading Room, strong room.

Management is also planning for the projectors in all the class rooms so the education can be provided with hi-fi technologies and audio visuals to all the students.

Class rooms:

  • Each class room is equipped with Chalk board, benches, table.
  • All classrooms are well equipped with computer, projector and networking facility.
  • All classrooms are secured with CCTV cameras.

Computer Labs:

  • Well equipped  3 computer labs with minimum 200 computers.
  • Each lab is equipped with projector, computers with internet connection and uninterrupted power supply (UPS).
  • College also has one generator which helps during power cut of building.


  • Having capacity of 60 seats.
  • Having 07 computers with internet for students.
  • Library software: SOUL
  • News papers, Magazines, University as well as internal question papers of previous years, project as well as seminar reports of previous years’ students available here.
  • Titles: 391 , books: 3270, Magazines: 12
  • CD/DVD: 897
  • Newspapers: 06
  • Students Aid Fund: Provides book to students for whole semester as per 20% depreciation.
  • Students can get one book from library (as per demand) for a week.

Sport room

Indoor game equipments:

  • Chess:6
  • Table Tennis: 4
  • Carram Board:4

Outdoor game equipments:

  • Volleyball:6
  • Badminton: 6 pairs
  • Cricket: 2 full kits

Athletic game equipments:

  • Javelin
  • Discus
  • Shot put ball
  • Sport costume for college team

Multimedia Hall

  • Multimedia room is equipped with audio visual aids like computer, projector, speakers and microphone.
  • Seminars, campus interviews, Inaugural functions of different events etc. are held in this hall.